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Our rates are as low as 0.50%. If we can't beat your current rate, we'll give you $500! GUARANTEED!!!


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Our merchant services enable your business to accept credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, gift cards, and other payment options.


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We provide three types of EMV cards: those with contact plates, those with antennas for radio frequency and those with both.


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Providing you the best gift & loyalty program and watch your business grow with our loyalty program.


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Accept Checks Electronically, with No Paper, No Deposit, and No Returns! It is as easy as one two three.


ACH Processing Services

Automatically debit a customer's checking account for pre-scheduled payments without any hassles

About Us

Payment Solutions from Save Huge On Credit Card Processing

Save Huge On Credit Card Processing Payment Solutions is a cutting edge processing and servicing center for both the ISO and its Merchants. MCPS provides a full suite of processing services which enables our merchants to accept all major payment options, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, Debit Cards, Checks, Electronic Benefits Transfer, Gift and Loyalty cards, and Fleet Management.

Our Mission

EMV Solutions

EMV, an acronym for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa. Which in 1994 joined together in effort to provide a worldwide standard for the interaction between chip-based “Smart Cards” and approved payment devices. Widely Adopted around the world, more than 44% of countries now use EMV cards and over 75% use EMV payment devices. Until now, the U.S. has not followed this trend, preferring mag-stripe cards instead. The time has come for EMV adoption in the U.S.

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Complete Processing Solution

We supports all major payment types. Not only can you take advantage of our competitive Visa and MasterCard rates, we also support AmericaExpress, Discover, debit card processing, electronic check processing, EBT & JCB Cards, gift & loyalty cards, and Voyager & Wright Express fleet cards.

Fast, Simple Start up

We maintain flexible equipment and systems requirements, as well as round the clock support to make your start up quick and seamless. Implementation will be based on your schedule and time frame so that we can accomodate your schedule throughtout the conversion process, as we know time is money and we could all use a little more of both.

World Class Customer Service

We understand the importance of great customer service. At Save Huge On Credit Card Processing, we strive to be the very best! Tp Achieve World Class status we have built and maintained a best-in-class customer service operation. Our customer service operation is available during your business hours and technical team is available 24/7

PCI Protection

Save Huge On Credit Card Processing provides several solutions to safeguard your business. In addition to complying with the PCIData Security Standards, we have initiated the PCI protection plan to help merchants monitor procedures related to sensitive cardholder data and supply an additional level of protection to prevent security breaches.

A Processor You Can Truly Partner With

The All-in-One POS Solution

What’s an EMV card?
EMV cards are embedded with an encrypted microchip and require users to either enter a PIN or provide a signature at checkout. Most cards used today come solely with magnetic stripes, which can leave users more susceptible to fraud.

How does it work?
At checkout, users insert the card into a point-of-sale terminal; sign a receipt or enter their PIN; and remove the card. Unlike swiping, this process requires the card to be in the machine for the whole transaction. Whether a PIN or a signature is needed will depend on the card brand, the issuer and you as the merchant.

What are the choices?
There are three types of EMV cards: those with contact plates, those with antennas for radio frequency and those with both. The contact plate, a small metallic square on the front of the card, requires the card to make contact with a terminal, whereas cards with antennas just need to be within range of the terminal to be read. (These contactless cards might not be as common at first.) If you know EMV cards well, you can help out customers and make the process that much easier for them.

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Verifone VX520

VeriFone’s VX 520 leads the way with unprecedented performance, mission-critical features and more of everything you want in a countertop payment device. More revenue opportunities. Flexible connectivity. Uncompromising security and dependability. All on the proven VX platform.

Verifone VX680

Carry brilliance and complete transactions in a small, portable, handheld device - the VX 680. Merchants on the move, from delivery services and stadium vendors to restaurant pay-at-the-table service providers can process on-the-spot transactions with minimal consumer waiting time. The VX 680 boasts a powerful processor for ultimate processing speed.

Verifone VX805

Verifone’s VX 805 Contactless PIN pad provides precisely what you need, and nothing you don’t. This incredibly convenient payment device allows merchants to process a range of transactions through multiple connectivity options, while offering the latest NFC technology for mobile payments. And, of course, it includes the latest security protections for total peace of mind.